Arc Flash Awareness Day Information Pack

Our official information pack that contains all the information you need about Arc Flash Awareness Day and how you can get involved.

9 Arc Flash Myths Busted

Arc Flash myths circulate widely, but those familiar with environments prone to such events understand the gravity of these intense energy flashes. They pose genuine risks to health and life. It's imperative for electricians, electrical engineers, and personnel dealing with electrical switchgear to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Arc Flash Hazards Management Guidelines

The Australian Energy Council produced a document that covers some essential knowledge around Arc Flash. We'd recommend anyone that works in an industry at risk of Arc Flash incidents to download this free resource.

Arc Flash Webinar Details

Information around the webinar, timings, speakers, how to ask questions and use breakout rooms.

Arc Flash and Arc Blast Hazards: What they are and how to prevent them

Learn about the difference between Arc Flash and Arc Blasts with our partner The Faraday Centre.

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