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David Davenport - What is an Arc Flash?
Jason Butler - Prevention is Better than Cure
Emad Hamadi - Arc Flash Studies/Assessments
Mikko Manninen - How to Reduce Arc Incident Energy
David Davenport - On-site Procedures to Ensure Safe Working
Craig Phillips - Case Studies
Dan Cooper - Arc Flash PPE - The Last Line of Defence
Join us on June 7th 2024


An energy explosion hotter than the surface of the sun. A pressure wave so strong it can knock you off your feet and throw you through the air. A dangerous blast of energy that can cause blindness, deafness, internal burns, and life changing or life-ending injuries. That’s what an arc flash is.  

A type of electrical incident which discharges thermal energy, arc flashes aren’t categorised separately by the Health and Safety Executive, so it’s tricky to know just how many incidents occur each year. Estimates suggest there are more than 1000 incidents at work involving electricity each year, of which around 30 lead to fatal injuries.  

Also known as an electric arc, arc flash incidents are a risk for a wide range of sectors, from utilities to construction and petrochemical, through to rail, power generation and industrial electrical. Anyone who is breaking ground or working around high voltage power supplies or electrical switch gear is at risk as cable strikes are often the cause of arc flash incidents.

About Arc FLash Awareness Day

Mission Statement

Knowledge is power.  

Our mission is to help everyone get home safely by educating people and organisations across the UK about the risks of arc flash incidents.  

We’re stronger together.  

We want to create a community, regardless of commercial interest, to support people and organisations with reliable information and insight about the risks of arc flash. Through advocacy, events and resources, we aim to increase awareness, promote safety protocols, and drive proactive measures to prevent arc flash incidents.

Not just one day.

Although Arc Flash Awareness Day gives activity a focus, spreading awareness is a year-round endeavour. We aim to provide a wide range of resources to help people and organisations when they need it.  

saving lives must be a priority

Eddies Story

What’s it like to be hit by an arc flash? How does it feel to take a call from site telling you a colleague has been in an arc flash accident and an ambulance has been called?  

In this compelling and emotional video, Eddie Smith and his colleagues talk about the day he was involved in an arc flash incident.  

Eddie was saved from severe injury by his arc flash PPE. He’d done everything he should have at the site but ended up hitting a cable with a jack hammer while breaking ground. Here, he talks about that day, and colleagues give their perspectives about the attitude shift needed from sending people out to work, to making safety a priority so you can be sure they’ll come home again.  

“You think: it’s never going to happen to me… If I wasn’t wearing my PPE, it probably would have been a different story,” - Eddie Smith.  

Helping us to raise AWARENESS


Arc Flash Awareness Day is a focal point for everyone involved with work where arc flash is a risk. The day has been created to drive awareness of the risks of arc flash incidents, and to share best practice on how to avoid and mitigate those risks.

A wide range of partners have chosen to support Arc Flash Awareness Day.

We’re all committed to spreading the safety message and to making sure that everyone comes home safely.  To join the organisations supporting Arc Flash Awareness Day, get in touch.

ARC FLASH AWARENESS DAY 2024 Panelist Partners


An electrical specialist company with highly qualified electrical engineers and designers, draughtsmen and data-collection engineers that are fully competent to operate in sensitive and high-risk sites/areas. Providing a complete overview of protection studies, documentation updates, earthing studies and a comprehensive report, review and proposals of arc flash studies and surveys. Also offering Arc Flash expertise in installation and commissioning.


We’re 100% focused on Arc Flash and flash fire protection, and we’re the only people in the UK that are true specialists in Arc Flash. Our Arc Flash garments last up to 70% longer than other leading brands and our Lifetime Seam Guarantee underlines our confidence in our garments.

Transmag (UK)

Transmag (UK) Limited based in Birmingham are a leading global company designing and manufacturing Measurement, Instrumentation and Protection Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers and Neutral Earth Transformers at the forefront of technology.

CPA Solutions Ltd

CPAS are a collection of high-profile blue chip proven experts in their field of safety and safety implementation. Equipment and solution problem solvers and suppliers. Experts that collaborate seamlessly on major projects, from design, to installation and operation. Offering on-site and off-site training and guidance for safety connected to Arc Flash awareness and protection


A company originally started up 15 years ago to enhance the ability to prevent injury and catastrophic failure via an Arc Flash events. Arcteq are now global leaders in this technology and have developed a range of protection and control relays and IED's that rival the best in the world. Over 50,000 successful arc flash relays installed worldwide and continuing to invest heavily in R&D

Well and Spire

Well and Spire, the UK distributor for IPEC Partial Discharge Equipment, offers specialized solutions for detecting and managing partial discharge in electrical systems. We provide tailored PD training and comprehensive surveys to ensure optimal system performance and safety.

Promoting ARc FLash AWareness Day


Our promotional partners are passionate about raising awareness of Arc Flash. They're helping us to spread the word about the dangers of Arc Flash.

If you'd like to get involved and help us on our mission...Contact Us.

The Health and Safety Event

With an extraordinary line-up of seminars, practical workshops, and exhibitors, it attracts thousands of workplace professionals from the industrial, commercial, and public sectors. The Health and Safety Event is strategically co-located with 5 other events, meaning you can access even more content, more products, and more exhibitors in new markets.

Baldwin & Francis

Renowned for tailor made solutions, B&F design, manufacture and install high quality certified products and custom engineered solutions for use in the most challenging environments across many industries.

The Faraday Centre

Upholding over 30 years’ experience, we specialise in delivering comprehensive high and low voltage electrical safety training. Our courses are delivered by highly experienced lecturers and offer an effective combination of theoretical understanding and practical hands-on learning experience to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills required to carry out work in accordance with industry standards.

Thorne & Derrick

Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of LV MV HV Cables, Jointing, Substation & Electrical Safety Eqpt, 600V to 66kV. Based in the UK, they are highly customer responsive and absolutely committed to providing a world-class service.


Although we can take steps to reduce the likelihood and severity of an Arc Flash, it cannot never be ruled out. Understand the protection you need in the event of an Arc Flash explosion.
June 7, 2024
What do you actually do when an Arc Flash has occurred?
June 7, 2024
An illustration of Arc Flash occurrences, how, why and what causes them, the life and career-changing injuries, fatalities and the catastrophic damage an Arc Flash creates. The responsibilities of stakeholders and engineers and the devastating legal consequences.
April 30, 2024
The amazing technology that runs independently to all other protection devices that guarantees a safer and reduced working energy level
June 7, 2024
An overview of what an Arc Flash is, how it occurs, indications & what to be aware of; simple measures to prevent
June 7, 2024
The Electricity at Work Regulations call out a number of hazards that could cause death or personal injury when working around electricity. Some, like electric shock, are well understood and managed, but can the same be said about electrical arc flash? How well is this hazard understood, recognised and managed in electrical equipment operational throughout industry?
June 5, 2024
Partial Discharge Monitoring, a simple way of detecting and preventing potential Arc Flash before it occurs
June 7, 2024
Do you know how to undertake an Arc Flash study and assess the risks? What are they, do we legally require one, what is the cost? Emad Hamadi takes us through this process.
June 7, 2024
What are your responsibilities? Whether a Director or an Employee, if you do not know you are open to criminal charges.
June 7, 2024

News and Resources

Arc Flash Webinar Details

Information around the webinar, timings, speakers, how to ask questions and use breakout rooms.

Arc Flash Hazards Management Guidelines

The Australian Energy Council produced a document that covers some essential knowledge around Arc Flash. We'd recommend anyone that works in an industry at risk of Arc Flash incidents to download this free resource.

Arc Flash and Arc Blast Hazards: What they are and how to prevent them

Learn about the difference between Arc Flash and Arc Blasts with our partner The Faraday Centre.

Arc Flash Awareness Day Information Pack

Our official information pack that contains all the information you need about Arc Flash Awareness Day and how you can get involved.

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